Sweet Dynamite (detail) 2012 Lambda high gloss metallic print ed. of 8 86 x 130cm $1,600 (print) $3,000 (framed*)

Annabelle Gaspar is a photographer who lives and works in Sydney.

Her creative energies have seen a career that spans theatre, art direction and most notably DJing and music production. She has released a CD for Mardi Gras with the legendary Frankie Knuckles and is also one part of the infamous Bad Dog collective. discovered that Gaspar’s eye is every bit as good as her ear.

Dancer 2010 Lambda high gloss metallic print ed. of 8 86 x 130cm $1,600 (print) $3,000 (framed*)

Florence 2010 Lambda high gloss metallic print ed. of 8 86 x 130cm $1,600 (print) $3,000 (framed*)

Jean 2010 Lambda high gloss metallic print ed. of 8 86 x 130cm $1,600 (print) $3,000 (framed*)

Gaspar’s love of theatre can be seen in the dramatic play of light and colour within this series of photographs – as do the suggested narratives and constructed tableaux. Movement becomes a dance; stillness becomes deafening.

Ambiguity though, is perhaps the key to the success of these photographs.
Identity is masked, clouded or beyond the frame.

Dancer + Florence + Jean  Set of 3 (details above)  $4080 (print set) $7,650 (framed set*)

Annabelle Gaspar’s photography explores the shadowy zones between muscularity and fragility, male and female, the known and the unknown.

These photographs resonate because they do not offer up their secrets easily.

They call for multiple viewings and are open to multiple interpretations, which render them ripe for contemplation, reflection and immersion.

To view the works in person, please contact Richard Weiss.

* Prints face mounted on 10mm acrylic floating frame
Prices quoted are in Australian dollars and include gst for sales within Australia. Copyright of images remains the property of the individual artist.

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