Cyndi Rogoff “Escapade” Acrylic & mixed media on canvas 102 x 122cm SOLD Enquire

Successful contemporary abstract artist, Cyndi Rogoff believes that there is a unique energy that is created during the process of painting. This energy is transferred through to the audience, whose interpretation and interaction with the paintings builds on this energy to create a unique dialogue. Cyndi’s colourful canvases have a suggestive presence that evoke intense visual pleasure by appealing directly to the senses. “My paintings are about energy, I put part of myself into each painting, there’s a certain mood, an emotion and energy that goes through them. It’s about colour and something wonderful that people can live with, everyone will bring their own interpretation to the paintings,” Cyndi explains.

Cyndi’s upcoming 2016 exhibition at Art2Muse Gallery in Double Bay, Sydney, Australia will open on 2nd February and runs through to 15th February. Cyndi is inspired by everything around her and is never short of inspiration. “For my exhibition at Art2Muse Gallery in February, I have created a more cohesive collection of paintings using fluorescent colours that evoke the essence of summer. My new work incorporates nature, my travels, emotion and brings a lot more colour.” Cyndi continues, “Wherever I look around, I observe things that fascinate me; nature and art are interconnected, like the pattern on an orchid petal and the way a flower grows from the centre outward, it is all connected to life and nature. I like to conceptualise these processes.”

Cyndi Rogoff “Bliss” Acrylic & mixed media on canvas 168 x 112cm SOLD Enquire

Cyndi Rogoff “Heart & Soul” Acrylic & mixed media on canvas 167 x 153cm SOLD Enquire

Cyndi has always known a life of art. She was born with a consuming passion for art pulsing through her young veins. Her intense interest in art was fuelled by her artistic upbringing and was also provided by the inspiration from her well-known artist mother, and life long mentor, Eileen Rogoff.

“From a young age, I was always reading art books rather than children’s novels, because art is instilled in me. I moved away to study other things but I always came back to being an artist.” - Cyndi Rogoff

While in South Africa, Cyndi studied Fine Arts, which included studying African and Bushman art. Cyndi finished her degree at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, which would transition her into the study of Aboriginal and Asian art. “My paintings have been quite different in the past. My earlier work reflected South Africa with more earthy tones, more grounded, African colours”.

Over the years, Cyndi’s artistic style and influences have evolved, “Up until a point I was a very realistic artist, as that was the style I was trained in”. After settling into her new life in Sydney, Cyndi’s interest in the emotional aspect of art led her to commence working with people with both physical and mental disabilities, and she created art classes for them. Subsequently, she completed a Masters degree in Art Therapy. Cyndi explains, “I really believe that artists are valuable in helping and healing people.” Cyndi went on to work at the Sydney Children’s Hospital with children and adolescents, in adult psychiatrics, as well as in aged care facilities.

“My work has become more contemporary, reflecting fuller life experiences. I’ve always loved abstract art as it made more sense and connected deeper with me, especially after having gained the knowledge from my studies in art therapy. I started to understand the emotional and sensory aspect of painting rather than just painting the beauty of realism. I am now absolutely intrigued by the endless possibilities of abstract,” Cyndi comments.

Cyndi Rogoff “Flutter” Acrylic & mixed media on canvas 102 x 122cm SOLD Enquire

Cyndi Rogoff in her Studio. Photo Credit: Patrick Moran Photography

When painting, Cyndi uses a process of layering and a combination of textures, splashing, dripping and stains. She works with a large variety of mixed media; these include acrylic paints, textural pastes, dies, inks, spray paints, found objects, papers and drawing media. Cyndi also uses a vast selection of painting tools, brushes and palette knifes.

Cyndi’s choice of a colour palette for each painting is inspired by an atmosphere, an energy, an intuition, or a sensory stimulus. She starts with an idea and allows the painting to guide her, by being in its presence, standing back and walking past it after each layer. “I work on four or five paintings at a time as I like to live with them to get an idea about their energy and direction,” Cyndi comments.

Cyndi Rogoff “Aura” Acrylic & mixed media on canvas 112 x 122cm SOLD Enquire

“I try to experiment with feelings, some of the abstracts are fun, frivolous, cheeky and energetic and other paintings are more refined and subdued and serious. I try to create different moods for people to connect with.” - Cyndi Rogoff

Cyndi also uses other techniques with metals such as copper, which she erodes with acid to create an aqua patina. “I’m fascinated by the evolution of erosion and how things age. This reveals the under layers and history that I try to replicate in my work. Cyndi explains: “I sometimes scratch into the textures to expose areas and reveal different parts of the painting. I take my time to study and see the beauty in this natural state that people may overlook as just mess.”

“The metallic paint reflects light, and these interference colours change at different times of the day, in different lights, so you see different things. Therefore, you don’t get bored of the painting because it changes all the time, so the painting becomes more interesting to live with. I try to paint something that will create an ongoing story; different things emerge and reveal as well as disappear at different times.

Cyndi Rogoff “Philosophy” Acrylic & mixed media on canvas 102 x 102cm SOLD Enquire

Travel is another aspect of Cyndi’s life that provides inspiration for her art. As she explains, “I am fascinated by the culture and adornment of the tribes of Kenya and Ethiopia, and also the colour and exoticism of Morocco. I enjoy the contrast and vibrancy of Paris and New York. I go to New York every year, I love it. I feel very inspired by its cutting edge diversity and I feel very at home there. I love the energy and the inspiration of 21st century American abstract expressionist artists. Helen Frankenthaler is my favourite artist, and then there are other artists like Cy Twombly and Joan Mitchell. My European influences include De Kooning, Matisse, and impressionists such as Bonnard and Vuillard for their use of colour. One of my most respected abstract Australian artists is Sydney Ball”.

Cyndi Rogoff 112cm “Disco” Acrylic & mixed media on canvas 137 x 112cm $AUD 2,900 Enquire

Cyndi Rogoff “Elevate” Acrylic & mixed media on canvas 122 x 102cm $AUD 2,700 Enquire

Cyndi established a highly successful art school in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs seventeen years ago, and she is still enjoying her teaching role. The Rogoff Art School is a positive, productive space with an energy that Cyndi and her students thrive on. Cyndi comments “People come in with an empty canvas open to endless possibilities. As an art teacher, I help them to tap into their abilities and strengths. Each person has a different style and they walk away with a beautiful finished canvas which is like a window into each person’s world”.

“It’s what I love, it’s my passion, I enjoy teaching and helping people be creative. It’s a busy space with two hundred students of vastly varying ages, whom I teach in a beautiful studio in the magnificence of Watsons Bay” - Cyndi Rogoff

Cyndi also commits a lot of her time to painting in her home studio, often into the very early hours of the morning. “The school and my studio are both full time for me, I love going to work every day, it drives me and is so incredibly fulfilling. I feel so lucky to be doing a job that I love which keeps me grounded and focused and then I have time to express my own creativity. It’s a good way to balance the indulgence of my passion and also giving and educating others to fulfil their potential”.

Cyndi Rogoff in her Teaching Studio: Rogoff Art School. Photo credit: Patrick Moran Photography

Cyndi Rogoff “Love” Acrylic & mixed media on canvas 122 x 102cm $AUD 2,700 Enquire

Cyndi Rogoff with her mother Eileen Rogoff, artist and Cyndi’s mentor, at a Rogoff Studio Exhibition

Cyndi’s artwork is highly regarded and has been exhibited in Australia and abroad and is in many private collections. Cyndi’s renowned reputation has led to her being highly sought after for private commissions. For a commission, the process of colour palette selection is different. Cyndi says, “If I’m working on a commission, the colours I use depend on the client. I’ll go into a client’s home, measure up the space and consider what energy that room needs and what will work well for the client and their home life. I really believe that these large abstract canvases add such impact and energy, and create a wonderful ambience to any room”.

Cyndi Rogoff Interior view Commissioned “Aqua Blue” Acrylic & mixed media on canvas 76 x 102cm Enquire

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