There’s no denying the man’s got talent. DJ Seth Lowery is on fast track to Super-International-DJ Stardom. Based in Dallas, Texas his exceptional skills as a DJ and extensive knowledge of the industry make him a force to be reckoned with all over the map. DJ Seth Lowery has a unique ability to get his audience whipped into a frenzy through precise mixing and a distinguished sound. Seth knows how to create the perfect synergy in every set by combining his eclectic taste in music with a cinematic effect. His mixes push the envelope and demonstrate complete creativity to showcase his own unique style. For the already initiated, you’ll know to hang on for the ride. For the uninitiated, well…Buckle up….cause here we go!

A LA MODE SYDNEY: DJ Seth, you’re known for your extensive knowledge of the music industry. Can you tell us when & how your interest in music began?

DJ SETH LOWERY: I was introduced to music from birth by my family. From the age of 4 I was playing piano and exploring anything and everything that was related to music. As I got older, I pursued music full force with private lessons as well as attending any and every show possible. All that led to taking music all through school as well as college and even engineering, production, and business of music courses which allowed me to progress and take my performances to another level.

A LA MODE SYDNEY: DJ Seth, in DJ genre terms you include House, Electro & Progressive. In fan terms, how would you describe your style?

DJ SETH LOWERY: I bring an eclectic musical background to the stage which allows me to seamlessly blend electronic music with classics and samples combining for a truly engaging experience.

A LA MODE SYDNEY: You have rubbed shoulders with some cool peeps. Care to share?

DJ SETH LOWERY: Sure, I’ve shared stages with some of my favourite artist like Riff Raff, Bad Boy Bill, DJ Skribble, Jessica Simpson, Kevin Matisyn (of Evans Blue), Kat DeLuna, Pitsburgh Slim, Jamie Foxx, Timbaland, Ryan Cabrera, Good Charlotte (Madden Brothers), Lil Wayne, Sean Kingston, Will I AM and many more.

A LA MODE SYDNEY: Business is good! You’re an in demand DJ who has performed across the states (of America). So far, what has been your most memorable club or festival?

DJ SETH LOWERY: I would have to say the most memorable club performance would have to be Crobar Chicago years ago and as far as festival Coachella was mind blowing.

A LA MODE SYDNEY: What can your crowd expect from a night with DJ Seth Lowery?

DJ SETH LOWERY: I hit the decks with aggression, keeping the energy up and crowd interaction.

A LA MODE SYDNEY: You had a huge year in 2012, releasing several dance tracks last year which have been recognized all over the US as well as Europe. Can you tell us about these tracks?

DJ SETH LOWERY: Yes, in 2012 I released Starry Nights, Scream, Let’s do it, Shuffle & Stomp, and Emotion.

A LA MODE SYDNEY: What has 2013 been like so far?

DJ SETH LOWERY: 2013 has been very busy with studio as well as travelling to DJ new markets. The fans have been amazing and couldn’t have done it without them.

A LA MODE SYDNEY: Do you have any new projects you’re working on right now?

DJ SETH LOWERY: My latest project is “So Filthy Klean”, which is my Electro pop group with Dj Hol’up A.K.A. T-Coop. Also keeping my FastLife Podcast on iTunes for the fans to enjoy. I put out a few bootlegs/mashups and working on several progressive tracks to be released end of 2013 early 2014.

“I’m In This Bitch” New Electro Pop Group S.F.K (So Filthy Klean) on

A LA MODE SYDNEY: Last question, do you have a set you can share with A LA MODE SYDNEY & your followers?

DJ SETH LOWERY: Yes, you can Subscribe to my Podcast on iTunes Called “Fast Life”

Fast Life Podcast

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