I’m a photographer living in London, UK. I was born in this country, the same year EMI sacked the Sex Pistols. Raised in France, I returned to London in 1999 and have lived here ever since. My mum’s English, my dad’s French. I have always been quite creative through cooking which is my passion, then being DJ for 10 years, some average drawing skills, stone sculpture and more recently photography. I have an obsession for detail and composition.

I have always liked taking pictures and admired the classic photographers like Doisneau, Adams, etc. I took it all a little more seriously since February 2008 when I gave up my point and shoot camera for one that gave my creativity a little more freedom.

I like to keep my own style without someone telling me what I should do. I have never really been academic and photography is the one thing that makes me feel totally free so I like to keep it that way.
Google is a great tool, if you have any questions about photography, Google it.

 A Pattern
This was shot in East London. I am in this phase of capturing movement and patterns, this couldn’t be better. Find yourself an interesting wall, lower your shutter speed, wait there for the right person to come past, and…click!

Walk The Line
Shot in Southwark Street, this is composition gone obsessive. I love the lines, the colours… but it would be nothing without the high visibility jacket! I wanted to give a sense of movement so I slowed down the shutter speed.

Tunnel Vision
This is the tunnel between the Jubilee and Piccadilly lines in Green Park underground tube station. It’s such a busy place with people in a mad rush to get nowhere. I always had it in the corner of my mind and finally captured it in my own way. Big People Small World
Street Photography. London is the perfect city for it. This was shot on Oxford Street, I just thought this man walking by this massive poster just looked very cool.

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