An elegant Oriental inspired environment is achieved when an interior has a well balanced combination of antiques and contemporary furniture. Oriental style may combine furniture pieces with dark finishes that contrast with the luminosity of a room. It may be a contemporary room that has a few well-edited red accessories, typical of Chinese culture, that inject a pop of colour to the space. Contemporary interiors can be inspired by traditional Asian design and by interpreting the variety of styles, colours and textures you can create your own unique Oriental style.

Shiraz Shic Interiors  believes that in order to create a beautiful home, you need to integrate items from around the world. Shiraz Shic Interiors offer an amazing array of products, carefully hand selected, to help others create a unique interior setting that combines tradition with a contemporary aesthetic.

Shiraz Shic Interiors was formed from a passion for Oriental arts and antiques. Owner, Anna Shiraz travels around the world to source exceptional and distinctive pieces.

A well balanced combination of Chinese accessories & contemporary furniture Photo credit: Kris Tamburello

Shiraz Shic Interiors have selected antique Chinese furniture that they believe fulfills the context in which they were created whilst adding character to any style of home and bringing functionality with storage space solutions.

If you’re interested in either new or antique Oriental style furniture, Shiraz Shic Interiors present, an introduction to Antique Chinese furniture, to assist you with key pieces that will make a fantastic impact in your home.

The Shiraz Shic Retail Store in South Yorkshire, England Photo: Shiraz Shic Interiors

CHINESE ANTIQUES – AN INTRODUCTION China is the oldest civilization in the world, with five millennia of history, which has influenced the cultures of many other countries. This has lead to many aesthetical trends from China that have inspired the interior design of private residences around the world.

Shiraz Shic Interiors are particularly interested in Chinese antique furniture and the distinct history and style of each piece. China has an incredibly diverse and rich culture, religion and history. Therefore, Chinese furniture from one dynasty to the next can look completely different even if it all comes from the same region.

Shiraz Shic Interiors understand the importance of knowing the history of each piece. The antique Chinese furniture that they stock is predominately influenced by the structure, technique and craftsmanship used from the Tang dynasty (C. 618 – 907 AD), Ming dynasty (C.1368-1644) and the Qing dynasty (C.1644-1912). These dynasties produced furniture that is classical yet unique, and that can fit easily into any style of home or aesthetic.

Following are some of the pieces of furniture stocked by Shiraz Shic Interiors, with notes illustrating the influence from the different dynasties and areas, that contribute to the design aesthetic;


Chinese tea table Photo: Shiraz Shic Interiors

This beautiful Chinese tea table originating from Shanghai, made circa 1910, is of a typical design from the Tang Dynasty. This is shown by the rectangular patterned design and horse hoof feet. Not only does the simplicity of the pattern look pleasing to the eye, but it also adds to the quality of the solid structure of this piece. The rigid frame and symmetrical design of this table adds sophistication to this piece that makes it ideal for many interiors from contemporary to traditional Oriental style.


Chinese antique cabinet Photo: Shiraz Shic Interiors

This cabinet is typical of antique furniture originating from Mongolia, with its vibrant but not yet overpowering colours. What we love about this piece is the colour and original paintings. Much of the original red, black and green lacquer has become aged which gives this piece real character. Hence, why we decided not to over restore this piece and preserve its natural patina. The weathered look of this piece, with the beautifully detailed paintings of birds and flowers representing joy and happiness, make this piece ideal for not just an Oriental interior setting but also for a country, shabby chic or vintage themed interior design.


Chinese ‘wanli’ cabinet Photo: Shiraz Shic Interiors

This Ming style display cabinet, referred to as a ‘wanli’ cabinet, would normally have been used to store books or documents, with the top shelf being used to display valued possessions, signifying the wealth and status of its owner. For modern use, this solid cabinet provides an ideal storage solution for a living or study room, to store books and belongings whilst adding sophistication and character to any style of home. The beautiful carving that frames the upper shelf adds a stylish dimension to this piece in a subtle manner.


 Chinese antique cabinet Photo credit: Scout Design NYC

Whilst Chinese antique furniture has differed over time, in style and design according to where and when it originated from, these pieces have evolved to still find a place and purpose in the modern home. The culture in the Far East differs dramatically from the culture in the Western world, which creates dramatic differences in lifestyle as well as in home décor and furniture. However, despite these differences, the simplicity of antique Chinese furniture still makes many pieces suitable for any style of home.

The purpose of antique Chinese furniture was to bring functionality and uniformity to home décor by bringing harmony from the natural world. Today, this furniture still achieves this harmony when integrated into a contemporary home, to add a unique Oriental style.

Chinese homes were also modestly furnished. In many cases, one piece of furniture served a dual purpose. For instance, Shiraz Shic Interiors stock ‘Low-Kang’ beds that were used as beds by night and sofas by day. They also brought functionality to the home by providing storage space inside. In modern times, the low proportions of this piece make it ideal for use as a TV unit.

 Inject some Oriental style & colour into your living space Photo credit: Shiraz Shic Interiors


To add character to the simplistic and plain geometric designs of Oriental furniture, Chinese craftsmen would also often add dramatic colours and beautiful artistic designs ranging from paintings of landscape, flowers and people, usually representing peace and harmony. The wood would have also been highly polished to give a gorgeous shine and lacquer techniques used to give the furniture durability and beauty. The detailed Low-Kang bed, below, is a good example of this use of colour and design.

Despite their simple designs and geometric forms, antique Chinese furniture pieces can boast originality, beautiful colours and stylish ornamentations. In addition, various lacquering methods and techniques from the Far East provide elegance and a refined look to such pieces. In our opinion, Chinese antique furniture is the perfect addition to create a unique and sophisticated interior setting.


Chinese accessories can add a pop of colour to a room Photo credit: Cameron Kimber Designs

To complement their new and antique Oriental furniture ranges, Shiraz Shic Interiors also stock a wonderful selection of Chinese home accessories that will add that important finish to your room interior. As with their furniture range, each accessory has been carefully selected to help you create a unique interior design for your home.

The Chinese home accessories range includes lamps, storage boxes, Chinese stools, Lanterns, bamboo ladder towel racks and traditional Chinese chess boxes.

Photo: Shiraz Shic Interiors


Antique Chinese Storage / Sewing Box C.1910

Green Painted Ceramic Stool


Woven Bamboo Lantern 

Photo credit: Cameron Kimber Designs

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