Sami Automatic is a class act! And, of course it goes without saying that it’s always a good time tearing up the dance floor to his beats. Sami is creative, talented, smart, totally legit…and all without trying which also makes him way cool. He’s old school; he’s done his time. He has been on the music scene as one of the top dj’s in the area for a long time. He’s also a doting dad to a beautiful daughter. It’s fun to think about passing along this genuine love of music along to another generation. Can you imagine the fun growing up in a home with such talent? We can just hear the scratching of those turntables now.

Thanks Sami for the fresh Style Hawk summer mix!! Now we can, sort of, secretly act out our dream of being a superstar DJ. Oh, and Sami’s got a thing for sneakers. If you see him at the club or around town be sure to check out what he’s wearing on his feet. He’s sure to be sporting the flyest kicks around – STYLE HAWK

STYLE HAWK: How did you get into the music industry? Describe your passion for Music.
Sami Auto: In high school I used to read Source, Vibe and all of the hip hop magazines.  Thumbing through one of them while working the photo counter at Eckerd Drugs, I saw some turntables for sale, so I saved up and bought them.  When I got the tables you couldn’t take me off them.  I was practicing all of the time trying to mimic that crazy “scratch” sound that captivated me from the start.   My influence for my passion of music has to be handed down to my mother.  I was raised on the classic jams dating back to the late 70’s.  She would buy all of the new albums as they came out.  We would listen to them really loud on the way to school.   Nostalgia for music gets me when I hear something and it brings me back to those days.

SH: If You Could Perform On Any Stage In The World Where Would It Be? If You Could Perform With Any Artist Who Would It Be?
Sami Auto: Somewhere in L.A. playing West Coast Gangster music.  I would love to perform with Klever, Craze or A-Track.

SH: We Love The Name Sami Automatic! Tell Us About It?
Sami Auto: It was given to me in high school from a friend who kept pronouncing my name “Semi.” He then started calling me “Semi Automatic.”  In my first dj battle, I entered as “Sami Automatic.” From that point it just kind of stuck.

SH: How Has The Music Scene Changed In Our Area Over The Last 10-15 Years?
Sami Auto: Dj’s simply aren’t built like they were during my era.  When I came up, I wanted to learn every aspect about djing, from how to hook up a system properly, scratching, mixing ALL GENRES and just being as well rounded as possible.  Now a days it’s all about “I’m a EdM Dj dude” or “I’m a hip-hop dj” or whatever.  I feel like most of the younger generation is more concerned with looking cool and playing top cliché hits but the name Big Daddy Kane doesn’t even ring a bell.

SH: Mantra?
Sami Auto: I’ll play it next …I PROMISE”

SH: Most Memorable Night DJ’ing?
Sami Auto: I plead the fifth

SH: New Artists You’re Really Into?
Sami Auto: Kendrick Lamar, Rick Ross “the boss”…Chromeo

SH: Old-School Go-To Songs?
Sami Auto: Gin and Juice, Let me clear my throat,  My neck my back…you know the rest.

SH: Most Requested Song?
Sami Auto: Unfortunately it’s the Wobble

SH: Is There Any Song That You Refuse To Play?
Sami Auto: Not really, it’s part of my job to play stuff I don’t like.

SH: Describe Your Personal Style. Does Your Stage Style Differ From Your Street Style?
Sami Auto: I play to the crowd.  If I’m at a small bar I’m playing more of the nostalgic hits.  If I’m at a dance club it’s time to smash.

SH: Define A Legit DJ?
Sami Auto: A well-rounded one that can trouble shoot their equipment, can read a crowd, can play at least a little of most genres and can change directions quickly.  If you can scratch a little it’s a bonus.

SH:  Musicians, DJ’s, Artists, Other That Influence You?
Sami Auto: I was a huge fan of the D.M.C battles in the 90’s, so Scratch Piklz, Klever, and Craze always keep me striving.

SH: Favorite Thing About What You Do?
Sami Auto: When I play a song and everyone goes crazy it still gives me the chills.  Also, I’d like to think that I make people happy.

SH: Other Passions Or Hobbies?
Sami Auto: screen printing, golf, traveling the earth, sneakers, food and family.

SH: One Thing People Might Not No About You?
Sami Auto: I’ve visited about 20 countries in my lifetime so far.

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