A LA MODE SYDNEY is thrilled to showcase Vicky Fallon, the British Illustrator and designer, for our THIS IS ME series. Vicky’s specialises in illustrations with a graphic edge. Her unique style produces intriguing, colourful and standout illustrations that have positioned her as the go-to girl for commercial illustration. Vicky has produced work for clients in many industries including packaging, advertising, fashion, beauty and editorial.  Vicky, thank you for sharing your story with A LA MODE SYDNEY…….

How It All Began As a child, I was always asking my mum to give me something to draw and I would also sit and draw dresses for my ‘fashion collection’. As I grew up, it seemed to be a natural progression and there was never any other route but fashion design. I studied fashion design at college and university where my illustration style blossomed and I focused on fashion illustration.

Once I graduated, I began travelling the world, as it was something I always wanted to do, it was the best sort of education for me and the best kind of inspiration for my illustration work. Today, I still love fashion illustration and have progressed as an illustrator creating a broad variety of pieces from food, to beauty and animals! I still travel round the world and illustrate along the way, that’s the beauty of being a freelancer, and it really broadens the mind and my perspective on life.

 Vicky Fallon – Illustrator and Designer.

Humming Bird 2014: This illustration was created and featured as a bigger piece of artwork in a music album for Benjamin Johnson, I love the bird on it’s own as a simple piece too.

My Design Process There’s a process that I follow when I start a project. There’s a lot of research and mood boards. I have a wall where I will stick magazine cuttings, postcards, artworks etc. If my piece is for a client, I will then create a rough mock up and this is where alterations can be made and the design can be rejigged. An illustration can take anywhere between two days to two weeks to complete but if I’m working on a large commercial project, like Wella’s Christmas Packaging design, then it can take two or three months until the project is finished and signed off by the client.

Once a mock up has been created, I will then start by creating the illustration in pencil. This will be scanned in (incase of any hiccups in the ink stage!) and then I’ll go back into the sketch in ink. Once this is done, I usually scan this in again. Then I will go back into the sketch for a third time with charcoal and sometimes white chalk to add depth, drama and highlights.

Then I introduce colour. At this stage I will be very raw with my painting technique and I will create watercolour stock as such, splashing, swishing and blowing paint onto a clean page. I will then scan these colours in and add them into my painting separately. I do it this way, as watercolour is much too unpredictable for my liking, I’m a control freak so I like adding it in digitally. I’ll then play around with levels and hues in Photoshop to give the bright distinctive colour that I like to have in all of my work.

 As I travel a lot, my studio tends to be my laptop and sketchbook and wherever I am at the time!

Illustration Inspiration Before illustration grew into my full-time career, I gained experience working as an intern with designers such as Alexander McQueen, where I learnt the importance and impact of illustration in the design industry. It was during this time, in 2010, that I felt my illustration technique really started to find its unique style and I won a few awards, one of which was to design and illustrate an outfit for Lypsyl UK and I won £1000 and met fashion designer Ben de Lisi.

I have had the opportunity to work with an array of inspiring and interesting clients, including Wella Professional c/oProctor & Gamble,Avon Cosmetics  & Sketchbook Magazine. Each project/commission provides opportunities for me to extend my learning and to push boundaries with each piece.

In 2011, I launched Vicky Ink. which is a lifestyle brand set up to sell home-ware and accessories, all of which are designed and illustrated by me. I have loved this business and brand because it allows me to share my brand and unique illustrations with a broader market. I am currently updating my online shop and expanding, there will be a much larger selection, with new designs, and I’m very excited!

The success of my on-line business culminated in worldwide opportunities and lead to an expansion into the Asian market and, in 2012, I moved to Taiwan for a year. I lived in Kaohsiung for one year and during this time I really found my place in the illustration world. Clients found it strange yet interesting that I chose to work from Taiwan but it really gave me that extra inspiration from just stepping outside onto the street. Working from my studio with the beautiful sites, delectable tastes and buzzing culture for inspiration.

Californian Burger 2014: This illustration was inspired by my visit to California and had never seen so many burger restaurants in my life!

 Yum Bun 2013: This illustration was created for an online magazine of a restaurant review called Yum Bun.

The Future What’s next? Well, I’m currently working on something that not many know about. It’s very hush hush but very exciting. It won’t be out for a while but everyone will know about it when it does!!! That’s all I’m going to say for now!

Vicky Fallon Illustration Studios will be available for commissions and inquiries. Feel free to contact me with what ever it is you have in mind, the possibilities are endless with illustration!

 A piece I created for my love of shoes, these Chloe Jade Green shoes illustration caught the eye of the Topshop Heir designer herself! via Instagram.


Ted Baker 2014: This illustration was created as a personal project, I really wanted this bag but couldn’t afford it at the time so I drew it instead!

Poppy Delevinge 2014: This illustration was created for London Fashion Week, I created a range of street style fashion illustrations from the event.

 Charlotte Olympia 2014: This illustration was created for my new website, Charlotte Olympia loved the illustrated and emailed me to let me know!

 Jimmy Choo 2014: This illustration was created for my Vicky Ink. brand and is used on a lot of my products.

Stella McCartney 2014: This illustration was created as part of a range of fashion illustrations commissioned by a fashion blogger for her blog.

 This illustration is something I had been working on for Lucy Watson of Channel 4’s Made in Chelsea, her new jewellery line Creature. Georgeous pieces!

 Topshop Necklace 2014: This illustration was also created as part of a range for a fashion blogger.


 Rockrose and Pine 2014: These illustrations were created as a range of Molton Brown products which were created for marketing purposes.

Molton Brown 2014: These illustrations were created as a range of Molton Brown products which were created for marketing purposes.

 Bed Head 2014: This illustration was created for an illustration for Instagram on the best products for Sunday Hangover Hair!

 Wella 2014: This illustration was part of the packaging illustration range created for Wella UK.

In October 2013, I completed a project for Wella. I have been working with them to produce six Christmas gift sets which are available online and in stores and salons. I loved every minute of it and am very pleased with the outcome!

 Yummy Milk 2014: This illustration was created as a personal project and because I loved the packaging design.

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